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01/01/2020 Tucker Brothers at the Chatterbox 8-11p


01/08/2020 Tucker Brothers at the Chatterbox 8-11p

01/15/2020 Tucker Brothers at the Chatterbox 8-11p

"The compositions appear to be conceived from the ground up to make each player essential. No one fades even momentarily across the nine pieces."

-Jay Harvey (Upstage, 2019)

“Two Parts is ethereal and artful”

 -Dodie Miller-Gould (Lemonwire, 2019)

"The vocals that Elena Escudero performs on the opener, “Warm Heart“, are simply magic... Truth be told, I haven’t been this impressed with a “new” group (new to me, anyway) in a while… I give these wonderful players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating”

-Dick Metcalf (Contemporary Fusion Reviews, 2019)

"...they create a gracious collection of impressionistic moods."

-George W. Harris (Jazzweekly.com, 2019)

"This third release will put the group on the map!"

-Patrick Van De Wiele (keysandchords.com, 2019)

Our new album "Two Parts" now available!

As always, we are extremely grateful for your support!

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